What is BuyNewHomes all about?

BuyNewHomes is an online marketplace of new homes for sale.  Searching by price range only, discover the new homes available for sale that are in your budget in a region – in this case, our homes are throughout San Diego county! 

How does BuyNewHomes San Diego work?

START – Begin your search for new homes for sale by selecting the price range of homes you can afford.

EXPLORE – Search the interactive map of all kinds of new homes for sale; what you find you love may surprise you!

SHOP – Save your favorite homes by clicking ; compare them in Your Favorites; get excited – the home buying process is fun.

CONNECT – Find out more from the homebuilders themselves by connecting directly; you control the next step. The homebuilders will take it from here.

Start. Explore. Shop. Connect. Buy – New Homes!

Why should I use BuyNewHomes for my home search?

The one thing you know for sure when you start your home search: your budget. 

Why limit your new home search by city, by bedroom count, or by any other search restriction? BuyNewHomes is a new way to search for homes available for sale that you might be interested in buying. With freedom from filters, you can really shop and compare all types of homes – all of which are in your budget!

What are the advantages of buying a new home?

There are lots of advantages to buying a newly-constructed home versus an older home. Why inherit a previous homeowner’s tastes, lifestyle, and maintenance problems, when you can choose a new home that is uniquely yours?

Advantages include financial benefits, enhanced lifestyle, energy efficiencies and design flexibility. 

Learn more about New Construction Benefits.

Do I need to register to use this site?

You can search and browse listings as a guest, but creating an account enables additional features and provides a better browsing experience. Once logged in, you can save your favorite homes, connect directly with the homebuilders, and receive new listing alerts and updates via email.


How do I know what my homebuying budget is?

Determining your budget is the first step in the your home buying process. There are a lot of factors that determine what your home buying budget might be. We offer a simple calculator that can help give you an estimate of what your homebuying budget might be. 

There are two ways to learn your budget:
  • Use our Budget Calculator to quickly estimate your budget, which  should give you a general idea of how much home you can afford.
  • Get pre-approved by a lender to determine your budget. Working with a lender at the beginning of your home buying journey can give you additional confidence and gives you the ability to act quickly when it’s time to make an offer. We have Lender Partners ready to help with you get started if you so choose. (found on the Budget Calculator page)
What if my budget covers two price ranges offered on this site?

Start your new home search by selecting one price range. Search for homes, favorite the ones you love , and then change price ranges! Your favorite homes will still be there as you browse through a different price range of new homes available for sale.


What does "Quick Move-In" mean?

Typically, a New Home that is a “Quick Close’ is a home that can close escrow within a 30-90 day period. Because the new home is closer to completion, there are fewer personalization options. Quick close homes are perfect for anyone looking to move into a new home, well, quickly!

What does "Coming Soon" mean?

“Coming Soon” means either a new home or whole community of new homes are not yet for sale — but will be soon! Interested in something ‘coming soon’? The homebuilder keeps a list of interested homebuyers, who will be some of the first to know when it is available to buy. Homebuyers benefit from more personalization options in the home, as the home or community of new homes is just starting to be built.  We anticipate them being for sale within 90 days. Be sure to connect to be one of the first to receive updates!

I am seeing a heart icon on each home; what is it for?

The heart icon is a tool you can use if you “love” what you are seeing. Click it – and add that home to your favorites. Keep searching around – the more you love and ‘favorite’ – the more you’ll see in your My Favorites secton where you can view all the homes you like.


I've found a home I like; how do I save it to My Favorites?

Find the  – found on the map view, or the listing of the home. Find it – Click it – It’s added (as long as you are logged in).

To save a home I like, do I have to log in?

Yes. You must log in to the site in order to save your favorite  homes. Added benefits of logging in are you’ll be able to connect with the homebuilder directly and get the latest updates on new homes throughout San Diego county.

Is there a way to save all the homes I am interested in, in one place?

Yes, there is -“My Favorites”. Begin by “favoriting” a home by clicking the   icon on each home you love! Access all your favorites by going to ______.

How do I find all the homes I have added to My Favorites?

When viewing the map page, you can click the Favorites button next to Search by Price to view all your favorites in one place! Bonus: Even if you favorite homes across multiple price ranges, they will all show up together!


I want to learn more about the homes I like. What's next?

You are in control – take the next step and Connect with the Homebuilders directly! 

Next Steps:
  • Go to the full page listing of the home you are interested in finding out more about. 
  • Click “Connect Now”, indicate your preferred method of contact, add an optional message, and click Submit!  The Homebuilder will be notified you would like to learn more. 
  • The homebuilder will contact you shortly with more information about the new home you are interested in.
Where do I find out more about a home - schools, amenities, home features, etc?

You will find some information on schools and the surrounding neighborhood once you click on the listing. Just scroll to the bottom of the page to view the Community Story. Additionally, you can take the next step and Connect with the Homebuilders directly to learn even more! You can Connect with the Homebuilder directly from each home’s listing page. 


I am a Homebuilder; how do I get in touch with BuyNewHomes?

Please visit Contact Us – our Account Concierge will be in touch shortly with you! 

What If I have a question or request I don't see listed?

Please visit Contact Us – our Account Concierge will be in touch shortly! 

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